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The information below answers frequently asked questions about policies and procedures at all three Lake County Forest Preserves courses.

How do I reserve a tee time?

Tee times may be reserved up to 14 days in advance at Brae Loch Golf Club and Countryside Golf Club. Tee times may be made up to 30 days in advance at ThunderHawk Golf Club. Credit cards are required to finalize all tee time reservations.
The starter will make every effort to send groups of 4 players onto the course at all times. This means that groups of less than 4 players will be paired together whenever possible.

  • Tee times may be reserved in the following ways:
  • Phone the 24-hour tee time hotline at (847) 968-3100
  • Online at the golf course website
  • On the Lake County Forest Preserve golf mobile app
    • Search “Lake Cty Forest Preserve Golf” in the App Store or the Google Play store
  • Phone the course pro shop

What if I need to cancel a tee time?

Cancellation of a tee time or modification to the original booking number may be made up to 24 hours in advance without penalty. Any changes occurring with less than 24 hour notice will incur a “no-show” fee for each missing player.

The individual making the reservation will be held responsible for the entire group, whether 2, 3, 4 players, or more. If fewer players than the original booking number checks in with the pro shop the missing players will be considered “no-shows.” The individual who reserved the tee time will be charged $25 for each player who is a “no-show.” This charge will be processed on the credit card that was used to finalize the reservation.

In the case of inclement weather the “no-show” policy will be handled on a case by case basis.
In the case of course closures due to extreme weather the “no-show” policy will not be enforced.
Individuals with physical limitations (defined by a government-issued handicap vehicle sticker) will not be charged a “no-show” fee if extremely wet conditions (cart path only) cause them to not be able to play.

What happens if the course closes due to bad weather while I'm golfing?

If a round of golf is not completed due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond your control the golfer will be offered a rain check.
The rain check will be prorated against the total dollars paid for your greens fees and cart. The rain check value will be determined by how many holes were completed and will be for a dollar value, NOT a number of holes.
Golfer pays $46.00 for greens fees with cart. (When divided by 18, each hole has a value of $2.55.) If the golfer completes 8 holes before being forced to leave the course, he/she is eligible for a rain check valued at $25.50 (the value of 10 holes, based on the price golfer paid for greens fees and cart).

  • All rain checks expire on October 31 of year issued.
  • Rain checks will not be issued for twilight fees when the player has completed 9 holes.
  • At Countryside and Brae Loch rain checks may be redeemed for anything, including food, beverage and merchandise.
  • At ThunderHawk rain checks may be redeemed for everything EXCEPT food and beverages.
  • If a rain check is lost it cannot be replaced.
  • A golfer must produce the original sales receipt to be eligible to receive a rain check.

What if lightning is detected during my round?

Countryside Golf Club is a "play at your own risk" facility. When severe weather (lightning) is detected within 3-8 miles of the course air horns will sound one prolonged blast letting golfers know of the incoming weather. This horn is informational only and does not mean that golfers must leave the course.

However, golfers who have NOT started their round will not be allowed to begin until the "all clear" horn (three short balsts) has sounded. The "all clear" horn will sound when lightning has moved beyond 3-8 miles away from Countryside or has not been seen for 30 minutes.

These procedures are posted on sticker attached to our golf cart windshields.

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